Konza Vadasz Wirehaired Vizslas 

Versatile Hunting Dogs
Loving Family Companions for Hunters and Falconers

Wirehaired Vizslas in KS

Versatile Hunting Dogs
Loving Family Companions for Hunters and Falconers

Bred for Health, Temperament, Hunting Ability and Conformation,
Konza Vadasz Wirehaired Vizslas excel in the field and at show.
Featured in the June/July '08 issue of Gun Dog magazine!


Konza Vadasz Wirehaired Vizslas are registered with NAVHDA (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Assoc.) and AKC-FSS (Foundation Stock Service.) We are proud members of NAVHDA International and we participate in the NAVHDA testing program. We are the co-founders and Charter members of the Wirehaired Vizsla Club of America


Konza Vadasz Wirehaired Vizsla Kennel is located in central Kansas, 12 miles south of Salina and the junction of I-70 and I-135. Our kennel name, Konza Vadasz, combines the Hungarian word for "hunter" -- vadasz, with the name early plains Native Americans called themselves, Konza -- people of the south wind. The name  of our state, Kansas, is a derivation of Konza, which is sometimes spelled "Kanza" or "Konsa."

We use  OFA and PennHIP (Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Programto evaluate hip soundness.  We have our dogs' eyes checked annually and certified free of heritable defects
by a board certified veterinary ophthalmologist. We pay particular attention to pedigrees and having health tested parents and ancestors when we import any new dog. All our dogs come from generations of health tested dogs and we only breed dogs which are certified free of hip dysplasia, as well as having current clear eye certification from OFA or 

Our ad in the October 2013 issue of ShowSight magazine!
 We are proud of our foundation sires and the contributions they have made
to the breed in this country.

Konza Vadasz Lucky Sasquatch CM NA OAJ CGC
"Yeti" is the first Wirehaired Vizsla to earn an AKC Agility title!

Thanks to Krista Voytilla for doing such an awesome job with Yeti!!

Yeti made his agility debut in a USDAA trial in CO,
where he got 2nd place in Jumpers!!

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